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I'm Jaime, I play as Elliott from Snowfell & James from Pemberly.

This is my acnl side blog, my main blog is eternal tuxedo mask.


Tip for new players/players that want a new character…

While you’re walking around town with Nook looking for a spot to build your house, go around and shake all the non-fruit bearing trees. Bees won’t fall out of the trees while Nook is following you, so you’re free to collect any money or furniture that falls without having to worry about getting stung and looking like a mess for your tree planting ceremony.

So I maaaaay have bought another digital copy of ACNL while it’s on sale, and I might be building another town while I’m still setting Snowfell up.

i went to have my hair done by harriet and she asked me what color i wanted for my hair, i chose the color of a forest.

i went to have my hair done by harriet and she asked me what color i wanted for my hair, i chose the color of a forest.

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Recolour Options:

Ghost Knit Gray: (x)

Ghost Knit Blue: (x)

This is adorable

Well now I’m confused. I played for a while as Elliott and Muffy was sick. I forgot to buy medicine for her before I signed off of Elliott to create Celly. So now that Celly’s set up I wanted to go back and do mayoring things with Elliott and went to buy medicine for Muffy before I forgot again, and Muffy’s walking around the shop like nothing happened! I guess creating a new character cures illnesses?

Finally created my path character.

I’m just gonna post this here so I might remember to look for these in Nook’s Homes.
Fancy fence
Purple or purple shingle roof
Pebble pavement
Maybe the garden exterior? I haven’t seen a full house done in that style yet. Although I’ll probably just give her a white exterior of some sort.
Not sure what door to use. I’m a little sad I can’t have a purple door for her house.

Sorry I haven’t been very active guys. Work has been insanely stupid lately. I’m hoping I’ll be in a better mood next week.


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tiny isabelles (spring and fall)


tiny isabelles (spring and fall)

Also Filbert just told me that Zell’s thinking of moving. Ahahaha! Guess again buddy. You’re house is perfectly placed. You’re not going anywhere for a very long time.

I really need to give up and make a path mule so I can try out some of the cute paths I’ve found recently.


Neiman Marcus Black & Ivory Organdy Halter Cocktail Dress [x]

first of many collaborations with a five year old! (she picks the outfit, i make it. way easier than picking myself!)


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