Meet me at the Mayor's Tree
I'm Jaime, I play as Elliott from Snowfell & James from Pemberly.

This is my acnl side blog, my main blog is eternal tuxedo mask.


Yaaaaay! Bianca placed her house in one of the spots I wanted someone to move to. Snowfell’s gonna have a cute snow leopard living in it!

I’ve honestly lost count of how many times I’ve had to reset so far for my 7th villager. Every time it’s a villager I want, the plot is in a crap spot. If the plot does happen to show up in a good spot, it’s for a villager I don’t want.

Julian did show up in a good spot once, but I already have him in Pemberly.


A departing picture for Kid Cat.  I’m going to miss you, sweetie!  Have fun protecting a new town!


A departing picture for Kid Cat.  I’m going to miss you, sweetie!  Have fun protecting a new town!


I’ve been working on moon & sun mosaic tiles for my town :)



I’ve seen lots of people wonder about scarves so here ya go, now you can make scarves and just about anything else. Enjoy!<3


Haven’t had any luck villager resetting today, most of the plots have shown up in the absolute worst spots you could think of.

I really wanna just get on with the game and build my campsite so people will stop trying to plonk their houses on that spot.

Reminder that if you see Snowfell or Pemberly’s gates open, you can stop by to visit!

Just don’t take any of the junk that might be on the ground. I’ve got a lot of stuff to move and not enough space to out it all right now.


i know these were just supposed to be portraits but i went slightly more bonkers with them. commissions for misterdictator!


So as much as I dislike Doctor Who at times, I watched the new seasons first episode and really loved Clara’s wardrobe. This is my favourite!

So I finally decided on a new map the other day. (I ended up resetting the one with Kabuki, after walking around for a while I didn’t like it as much as I liked having Kabuki.)
I really really like this new map though.

Right now I’m resetting for the rest of my new villagers. Today’s either gonna have a smug or a peppy move in if I can get someone I want to show up & plop their house down in a good spot. Yesterday after about a billion resets, Muffy moved in.

The original 5 for this town are: Caroline, Cube, Kid Cat, Queenie, & Ricky.

Ricky needs to be drawn with Hazel in an epic unibrow competition, I think.


Best use of that face ever.  YA BEST KNEES ‘N ELBOWS OUT, GENJI!


my villagers are truly making a difference in the world

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She be a fine vessel.


She be a fine vessel.